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Non-surgical hair restoration has come of age!

Hair says a lot about a person – from indicating your age or your preferred lifestyle to showing people part of your personality. How you grow, style, and color your hair is a big part of how you show the World who you are. Hair loss is devastating, but it does not have to be. Today there are more solutions for hair loss than ever before. Non-surgical hair restoration has come of age!

Everyone deserves a head of hair that reflects how they feel about themselves. Hair loss prevents that.

At Chris for Hair, we understand how important it is to feel right about yourself and we offer more manufacturers to choose from than any hair restoration studio in central California. While we do offer custom pieces, and all the most sought-after brands, 90% of all hair loss clients are accommodated with a  piece we have in stock, or arrives in about 5 days. Once we customize it at our studio for you, you are out the door with a younger appearance and new vitality! Your friends may notice how well you look, but they will not know why, (unless you tell them!)

We have the experience to know what works.

With over thirty years experience serving clients in the hair replacement industry, Chris knows what works for clients, and what does not. While there are more products offered than ever before, many are simply not workable. Many can actually cause further hair loss. We believe that you need to know everything about your choices before making a decision. Chris has made it her mission to offer only hair replacement products that actually do the job they were intended for. Not only does she have access to all the major suppliers in the USA, she also works directly with a manufacturer in China that shares her vision of offering hair replacement products that are of the finest quality but cost about 1/3 the price of luxury lines. In addition, Chris has the philosophy that if she can keep overhead costs down, she can provide better products at better prices. So, if you are currently paying too much for your hair replacement, it is most likely Chris can duplicate and save you money.

Our complimentary consultation will tell you all you need to know.

We offer an in-depth consultation and scalp analysis that will clear up the confusion in choosing a hair replacement. We do not promote treatments that only work for a few, nor do we tie you into a contract. We believe that our work speaks for itself and if we are not living up to your standards, you are not obligated to continue to use our services. Should you decide that you need ongoing support, our hourly fee is reasonable and fair. There are no secrets at Chris for Hair. You are always in charge of what works for you!

So we can offer:


Working with a seasoned professional has its benefits. Chris has seen systems and products come and go and has worked on the most expensive products available. This gives insight as to what lines are worth the investment and those that are marketing hype. Without a doubt, companies that have large marketing campaigns, usually offer nothing different than any other provider has access to. But it takes someone that knows the entire market and has the critical thinking skills to make the best choices for each individual client.



There is no middleman to “feed” at Chris for Hair. When you work with Chris, you are not paying for glamorous overhead, advertising that has no effect on you, a receptionist that has no idea of who you are, and all the details that an in-town salon needs to cover. By driving a bit to see Chris, you save money, and you are assured that you will never run into someone that you do not wish to know that you are making this choice. You have the undivided attention of a master stylist that has spent almost 40 years learning how to make hair addition look perfect. You will not be pushed off to a junior stylist with no real experience.



No contracts, no gotchas,
no hidden anything,
ever. It’s about time.


Take 3 easy steps to solve your hair loss: