And even more about Covid…

Maybe I am getting over-involved, but the virus has severely interrupted my life, and I am certain it has done much the same in your life. In some ways, I am grateful to have more time with my animals, talk to friends on the phone, give time to my brother and really talk, finish several projects that I have been putting off.

In other ways, we are all on the edge of our seats and have no idea if and when this country can be put back together. The future is unknown, and there is likely nothing we can do about it. To me, there is an upside to this mess. I no longer waste toilet paper, along with many other “disposable” items, and much more importantly, I can now listen, not judge, and see how other people process all that is going on. At times I am encouraged, when people that I only know via 1 or 2 visits call, text, to see if I am ok, and on the other side, people attack and call me names like “Libtard.” (By the way…I am NOT a liberal) I just try to use my good judgement and make decisions on what I read, hear, see.

There can be no question, we are a divided, hate filled society. And in some way we all need to find in ourselves forgiveness, open communication that is not based on “I am right and you are wrong,” and allow others to feel safe in expressing their beliefs. If we remove judgement, and can listen, there is a lot to learn from this experience.

In my mind, we as a country have become so self involved, it has become downright ugly. My hope is that this crisis will open all our eyes, learn to listen, not talk, and make this country align with the ideals we are taught to believe in.

I am wishing that all are coping well, although I know that is unlikely. We all have been put in a situation that we never thought would happen in our lifetime. Hopefully this will bring us strength, and once we get through this challenge, we can get back to life as we knew it.

If any of my current clients have questions…my phone is not dead (yet) and I am happy to work with you to do your own attachments. For possible new clients, phone calls cost nothing, and there is a lot we can do via Skype, Zoom, and text messages. The # is 925-245-0194. Here to help!