Men’s Solutions. Non-surgical hair restoration!

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Men’s solutions for non-surgical hair restoration have never been better.

Say good-bye to the old “toupee” or “rug” as men’s options were formally considered. Today men’s solutions are far more realistic and comfortable than ever before.

The fact that many men (mostly in their 20’s and 30’s) have become bald by choice – it’s “in”, it’s “sexy”, it’s easy to keep up – does not in any way negate the fact that most men who suffer from baldness that is beyond their control, are extremely unhappy with their appearance.

Hair loss affects every aspect of their life.

It affects personal and professional relationships and leaves men vulnerable to the empty promises of cure-all products and services marketed by greedy and dishonest companies.

A stunning 95% of permanent hair loss in men is caused by   Male Pattern Baldness, a form of androgenic alopecia.  Give yourself the opportunity to receive professional recommendations from an experienced stylist who attends ongoing training seminars to help you make an educated, smart decision about your appearance.

Chris offers a non-invasive hair graft, as one of your options in men’s solutions to hair restoration. Through this technique, a non-invasive hair graft acts as a second skin, actually becoming a part of you. There is no surgery and the process is simple. There is no daily care, no special treatments, just a regular daily shampooing like your own hair. Not only does it look great, it is easy to take care of, and you can enjoy all your favorite activities. It will not change your lifestyle, but it may change your life.

If the hair graft is not right for your personal situation, Chris offers several other options that look natural and are affordable. The variety of men’s solutions Chris offers is larger than any other provider in Northern California.

A free confidential consultation – totally without any obligation on your part – with a professional, highly trained hair replacement system stylist will offer options to fit your needs, your comfort level and your lifestyle. You’ll be amazed how natural even your hairline, one of the most tell-tale signs in lesser quality hair replacement options, will be.

Take the first step to regain control of your appearance: Call Chris for Hair at 925-245-0194 to schedule your free consultation. (Absolutely NO obligation)!