Myths about male pattern baldness

 “Male pattern baldness,” accounts for the majority of hair loss in men, but it can also affect women. It is usually caused by a combination of hormones and genetics. Male pattern baldness can have a negative effect on self esteem, and since often it is associated with aging, it causes people to assume that the person is older than his actual age.

Some men may start to notice thinning hair as early as their 20s, and by age 50, 50% of men see some hair loss. Hair is usually lost in a pattern, starting at the temples, revealing the classic “M” shaped hairline seen as men age.


There are many myths about male-pattern baldness.

Myths About Male-Pattern Baldness

There are many myths about male-pattern baldness.

    • MYTH: Baldness is inherited through the mother’s side of the family. If your maternal grandfather was bald, you will be too.
    • FACT: Genes for baldness can come from either parent, or a distant relative.
    • MYTH: Wearing hats strains hair follicles and causes hair loss.
    • FACT: Unless your hat is so tight it cuts off circulation to hair follicles, it will not cause hair loss.
    • MYTH: Using a blow dryer causes hair loss.
    • FACT: Use of a blow dryer does not cause hair to fall out. However, frequent over-use of a hot dryer can cause hair to become brittle, damaged, and break, which may cause hair to appear thinner.
    • MYTH: Washing hair too often or using certain styling products can cause hair to fall out.
    • FACT: Shampoo and hair care products do not cause hair loss.
    • MYTH: Massaging the scalp will help hair regrow by stimulating circulation around the follicles.
    • FACT: It may make you feel good, but no studies have shown scalp massage helps regrow hair.
    • MYTH: A cure for baldness is just around the corner.
    • FACT: Although there are several procedures and products that may be promising for some people, a complete reversal for every cause of balding is still way off into the future.
    • If you are experiencing male pattern baldness the options for non surgical hair restoration are far more realistic, affordable, and comfortable that ever before. Do something about your hair loss before it is an extreme change, and no one will ever know.
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