10 reasons to NOT buy hair systems online

Many people buy hair systems online and think this is a good idea. I am going to give you ten reasons why I disagree.

I have thought a lot about this over the years, as the profession has changed partly because of the online presence. At one time, because there was no competition, sellers could mark-up their hair systems 3-4 time the wholesale price and make big money. Today everything is different and I think that is a good thing for the consumer. Prices must be in line with what is found online and service is what sells the client. A big part of service is giving support to those that are navigating the added hair market as it can be quite confusing.

  1. I will say that I believe it is impossible to buy a hair system(or wig) online and have it look natural out of the box, or that any untrained person can cut in a hair system and make it look natural. As a stylist for almost 40 years now, I can still be uncertain about how well the hair system blends with the existing hair. it takes patience, persistence, lots of experience, and courage to cut expensive pieces that will not just grow back if a “mis-cut” happens.
  2.  Hair systems or wigs NEVER look like the photo depicts. In fact, I wonder at times if the product in the box is the product I ordered.
  3. The return policy for wigs and hair systems is so restrictive that you can not even try the piece on the head to see if it can possibly work. Return policies state that the piece must be in the same condition it was sent so they can resell it. Can you imagine trying on a hair system that obviously was worn by someone before you? Yuck!
  4. There are so many products and options today that a novice will quickly get confused and overwhelmed. Since this is my business and I have been at it for many years, I know the market and can make an EDUCATED choice in ordering.
  5. No one product will work in every situation, and you may not find the safest, least expensive and realistic product before you have jumped into some of the more drastic choices that can be unsafe.
  6. Marketing techniques have evolved into a science designed move you down a predetermined path to buy what they want to sell, not what you really need.
  7. You are unlikely to have someone at hand when things go wrong. Your wife/husband may make a caustic remark, but they can’t help you fix the problem.
  8. In the end, you pay as much, or in many cases more than you would if you were working with an honest professional.
  9. You have no idea of what makes up good quality in this business. Manufacturers put heavy silicone’s on the hair before they sell to make it look healthy and shiny. In some cases it isn’t even human hair-it can be goat hair or horse-tail.
  10. Making the choice to wear hair is stressful. There are many psychological issues that come up and you need a qualified support person to assure you this is an improvement. No professional with integrity will allow you to look silly because what you look like is a direct reflection of our skills.

On the plus side of buying online, I can only think of one…your identity is anonymous.


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