Choose Chris!

 Choose Chris!

There are so many reasons ranging from the fact that there IS no other provider in Northern California with the talent, experience, and empathy you will find at Chris for Hair.

Hair is important! It can make or break your image. Regardless of the current “shave your head” phase, the fact is, hair makes a huge difference in the way people relate to you, judge you, and ultimately choose how they interact with you.

Chris has meticulously and painstakingly tried and tested every hair replacement solution on the market to bring you the best hair replacement systems available on this spinning planet.

Compelling as this might be, I believe my core advantage is genuine customer empathy. Having walked in your shoes (I use hair systems too!), I pride myself on being professional, ethical and will always offer genuine and honest advice.

I love what I do, some might say a bit too much, and I have a true passion for my craft.

I listen, we discuss, I recommend.

Sounds obvious, but I listen to your exact needs, many replacement specialists simply sell you the design of the day…I work hard to select the best hair system for you. I don’t shoehorn ‘one size fits all’ solutions, but instead design a hair system to meet your specific requirements.

Quality & Innovation

My advanced hair system technology is cutting-edge, so you’ll always have access to the latest and best hair systems available. I work with every major supplier and keep close personal relationships with my reps. This, I feel, gives me an inside edge to understanding what is working in the market, and what is not working. You are not an experiment, you need results. By understanding the entire market, I believe I can give you the results you need.


I have designed and developed hair systems since the mid-eighties. I love pioneering new designs and pushing the limits of use-ability and realistic appearance.


I love nothing more than working with my fantastic client base. I care about clients and can often be found working out of hours to get everything ‘just right’!