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If hair loss is a concern of yours, there is something you can do about it! Contact Chris for Hair! Our extensive consultation is complimentary, and will show you all you need to know to decide if non-surgical replacement is for you. We encourage you to research, ask questions, compare. We know you will not find a more experienced professional, with more company offerings, at lower pricing. Hundred’s of people drive a fair distance to see Chris because they know she will always use the greatest integrity, tell the unvarnished truth, and go to the wall to make them happy.

What sets us apart?

We offer the professional service, the product lines, and the most private environment to explore the options available to you. Today’s replacement options are totally undetectable, cost-effective, and will change your life! There is no need to continue to feel self-conscious, miss that all important promotion because you look older that you are, miss out on important connections because you are not seen, feel less than any other person! Hair does make a difference in how others see you.

Contact Chris for Hair to learn more about your options. All information is confidential. We respect your privacy!


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Testimonial from Meena T;

“I went to Chris as I was loosing a lot of hair and balding. I was very demoralized. Chris started educating me about how to take care of my hair and working on my self esteem issues due to female pattern hair loss.  She made me a wig, and she worked on it  diligently on multiple days, fixing it, such that it would be acceptable to me.  She knew the trauma and feelings one undergoes wearing a wig from her own past personal experience. She was very sensitive and empathetic, it is RARE to find someone like her.   My hair is gradually growing back with the use of Rogaine.  I am looking forward to going back to her once my hair needs attention.  I feel lucky to have found Chris.  As I gain more experience being her client, I plan to give further follow up.”