Hair club scams

Hair Club scams are posted on almost every complaint board we can access. Hair club is one of the major players in the hair replacement business, however looking at their marketing I can easily see some “creative” marketing designed to make the potential client think they have something different than every other replacement business. Hair Club scams make every hair replacement specialist look bad when one realizes that they offer nothing new and exclusive. The currently available products for non- surgical hair restoration are good, but limited. No one company has something different than another. We all purchase from the same pool of manufacturers, and we can all offer the same, if not better quality products.

Businesses like Hair Club may have their own manufacturing plant, but basically, we all offer the same products. I believe the difference is in finding a professional (or site) that truly cares about how you look, knows the entire market, and will give you extraordinary service. In today’s world, marketing is king, and we are all susceptible to falling for false claims because we want to believe.

I have copied the sales pitch from hair club below. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Well, let me tell you what their claim really means…


  1. Our licensed cosmetologists, specially trained in hair replacement, examine your thinning areas to determine where additional hair needs to be added to give you the volume and density desired.
  2. Hair that matches your color and texture is added strand-by-strand to a lace mesh in the angle and direction of your natural growth.
  3. The customized lace mesh is then attached to your scalp using a medical grade adhesive.
  4. Your stylist will then expertly cut and style your hair, incorporating the new hair with your own, to achieve the look you want. Your age, skin tone and facial structure are taken into consideration to ensure you get the most flattering look”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ok, so what is the new miracle Hair Club has?????. It is a lace system. Nothing unusual in this business, lace hair systems have been on the market for many years. Every hair restoration professional can offer you a lace system. Why does Hair Club think they have an exclusive? They don’t, when it comes right down to it, your success will depend on the person that can cut this system so it looks like it is growing out of YOUR scalp. This is truly an art, and not every stylist has the talent to do it right. Having owned a salon for many years, I learned that not all stylists have the touch to make the client’s wishes a reality. Those that do have the talent are booked in advance because they are rare finds. If you are considering trying non-surgical hair restoration, do yourself a favor and contact California’s BEST hair restoration specialist Chris for Hair. Don’t fall for a fancy name for an existing product, just try to find that professional that really cares about how you look. Communicate with him/her to see if you are on the same page, then work together to give you the look you seek. The DIY system is understandable in today’s climate for service professionals, but good hair replacement is worth your investment. At Chris for Hair, we believe that we can help you find your best look, and we work hard every day to do that. You are not just a client to us, you are what keeps us growing, and you are our best advertising. WE WANT YOU TO LOOK YOUR BEST, and we will work hard to accomplish that. Call us today for your free/no obligation consultation. We believe once you meet us you will know our commitment.