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An example of safe hair extensions

Hair extensions are increasingly popular,

Almost everyone today knows about, and accepts that all of Hollywood, and many plain old folks wear hair extensions. Since the 1980’s hair extensions have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, but the question of how safe they are is not often discussed. No one wants to know that a product that gives the hair of one’s dreams actually causes hair loss, and in many cases the hair never grows back. We have an uncanny ability to believe the side effects we read about will not happen to us, but in fact, most methods of installing hair extensions do cause hair loss.

Can you afford to lose hair?

One of the main reasons clients want hair extensions, is because they want hair that is different, meaning thicker, longer, more attractive than the hair they were born with. However, most of the same people need to protect the precious hair they have and using hair extensions will in fact, down the road, cost them much more than the hundreds of dollars they spent on getting the hair extensions. It will cost them their hair! Virtually every method on the market including clip in hair extensions, will cause hair loss if the installation is tight to the head.

So, what’s a girl to do? Live with thin, lackluster hair? Hate looking in the mirror every day, trying to make her hair look like the pages in a fashion magazine? Not necessarily. IF the installation is properly done, and the hair is not pulled tight in any way, hair extensions can be safe for most people. However, your neighborhood beautician or best friend is not adequately trained to know the difference between safe hair extensions and those that will cause hair loss down the road.

Chris has been wearing, making and installing hair extensions since 1980,

and is certified in most methods. This means she has worked with literally thousands of clients, used every method out there, and now chooses only one installation method to use on only well qualified clients. This means that she only offers hair extensions to clients that have a definite need, and are willing to compromise and take exquisite care of the hair. All extensions that give mid-back to waste-length hair are dangerous and will cause hair loss. However, a few well placed extensions can give fullness and a bit of length safely and can make styling thin hair much easier. In many cases, properly placed hair extensions can actually save the growing hair because the need for frequent shampooing, styling, and styling aids is diminished.

Properly installed hair extensions are NOT expensive.

In fact, many times the investment in safe hair extensions can save money, as the need for color, frequent cutting, and styling aids is reduced. So, if your hair is thin, has no body, and never holds the style you work so hard to maintain, you may be a candidate for safe hair extensions. As with any service Chris for Hair offers, a complimentary consultation as the first step.  Call today at 925-245-0194, or send the form below and see if safe hair extensions will give you the look you have dreamed about.

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