hair replacement for women
Hair replacement for women

Hair replacement for women has finally addressed this issue.

You are not alone…

Hair replacement for women can be overwhelming!

More than 30 million in the U.S. alone suffer from hair loss for various reasons. We understand that women’s hair–and women’s experience with hair loss–is very different from a man’s experience. This is why you want to work with a talented, licensed, hair restoration expert, that is also a woman and understands the unique challenges women face.

While most non-surgical hair restoration products available today seem to be designed with men in mind, the good news is that there are safe, proven products designed especially for women.

Hair replacement for women has arrived!

In addition to products available, the hair restoration industry has revolutionized its viewpoint and finally realizes you don’t want to look like Grandma in her wig! Today, we have tiny additions that create dramatic differences, toppers that integrate into your existing hair, and wigs that rival anything Hollywood has seen. (and used!)

If you are considering using “added hair,” you should be aware that most “replacement studios” will recommend that you shave your existing hair, then attach new hair with glue or tape. This procedure has been used for men’s replacement for years, but you need to consider that most men’s hair loss is due to genetic factors that currently cannot be reversed. In the case of women’s hair loss, the loss may not be permanent, and using the same method used on men will cause further hair loss. And, if continued for a long time, the loss becomes permanent and the scalp can look like it has been burned with a great deal of scarring.

We believe that it is our duty to save as much hair as possible, therefore we begin our clients with the least invasive product that will do the job and look natural. If over time, the client realizes that her hair will not return on its own, and she understands the commitment, we can offer custom and stock hair systems that can be bonded to the scalp.

Our providers are the best this industry offers. We offer Virtual Reality products, products that are the equivalent of Follea and other high-end lines at about 1/3 the pricing, Gemtress, all the best quality lines, and also now have our new manufacturing facility that gives us true European quality hair, great workmanship. We also offer fashion lines such as Jon Renau, American Hairlines, HairUwear, all the major distributors in the US, and will meet or beat any online price.

At Chris for hair, you win. No other company can offer you the variety of products, the expert knowledge of those products, and the integrity to not oversell, but will provide true solutions for your individual needs.

We believe that developing good communication between our company and the client will allow us to recommend appropriate products that will make you feel good about yourself once again. We believe in ongoing relationships, not just selling products. Whether you feel the need to have us do attachments, or you only need to have advice about home care for the product you have chosen, we are here to provide that.

Please note that all clients and potential clients will see Chris, the owner of Chris for Hair. This is not a large business that will forget who you are. Chris has been in this business for almost 40 years, has owned a large salon, and now chooses to see clients privately to be sure each one is given personal attention. By doing business this way, Chris can save you money and will be available if there are issues you need to be addressed. The happiness of the client is foremost in the philosophy of Chris for Hair’s business model.

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