Hair replacement horror stories

Today I spent about two hours listening to a webinar that is designed to help newbies enter the world of hair replacement. It was given by a successful salon owner that has been in this business for as many years as I have. It was a good seminar, however, as usual, I came away with my own viewpoint that a true professional will work to protect his or her clients from the usual BS we all come up against when trying to find honest service professionals and products when we may be in a vulnerable position.

Hair loss is a traumatic situation for those that are experiencing it, and as such it will bring out those that know people experiencing this will pay just about anything to avoid exposure. So it creates an environment that can make it difficult to know what to believe when we research or listen to people that claim to have solutions for us.

The environment of the Internet is such that the articles and information fed to us are all based to support what we CHOOSE to believe. This is seen easily in our current political situation. No matter which side you believe is truthful you will be fed information that coincides with your beliefs. Therefore the research you do is reinforced by the ads and articles fed to your computer.

Coming back to the non-surgical hair restoration business, if you think a particular product sounds good, you will research and find ads and articles that support your thoughts, NOT ads and articles that are unbiased.

I believe one must be very careful and keep this in mind when thinking about the many ways we can augment our wimpy hair. And, we must also keep in mind that the professionals we might choose to work with are also heavily influenced by the people that sell products to them. And unfortunately, this is all driven by profit. Companies say their products are safe even though they know this may not be true. It takes great critical thinking skills to honestly evaluate the safety of the product we offer our clients. Not many people have that skill. We have been lead to believe that the FDA or someone else is looking out for our safety and will not allow unsafe practices. Nothing could be further from the truth. In today’s World, you are on your own.

So, during this webinar, several of the attendees seemed very excited about what the presenter was telling us, but in my mind, this program was only a tool to get us to sign up for the presenters “University” program that will teach them how to become successful in this business. The bottom line, just like “Trump University,” is that the presenter will make the money and likely the students will be relieved of their money. We have seen this over and over. Real estate programs designed to help you make money by turning houses, marketing companies that tell you how to turn your small business into a multi-million dollar company…

So, what is one to do? I think every search we enlist in should ask the questions that are actually the opposite of what we want to know. For example, the question is, “are hair extensions safe?” The search might be “hair extension horror stories.” By doing this you will read experiences that may address what you actually fear, not just what you want to believe.  You can always search both sides and I encourage you to do so. Today this is the only way we can find the unbiased truth.

We do have many good solutions today to help those that are losing hair. However, knowing what is safe, or what will really give you what you are looking for can be tricky. By working with an honest, knowledgeable professional you can save money and will have a much better chance of having a successful outcome. The relationship between client and professional pays for itself many times over as you get to know one another. A successful business should be based on truthful advice, not just profits.

I am a believer in the philosophy that if we do our best, and act with integrity, we can and will be successful. Success comes in many ways, not just financial. Today’s business practices are in need of change and change starts with a party of one. I choose to be that one. My offers and advice is based on knowing this market, knowing what is safe, informing clients truthfully, and helping 1 person at a time to feel inside that they are truly beautiful, and projecting that beauty to the World!

Call us (me) today and let’s get to know one another!



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