Hair replacement solutions for women

As stated previously, hair replacement solutions for women vary  depending on the degree of loss, the reasons for the hair loss, one’s budget, and one’s comfort zones. Recently there has been a push to treat women’s hair solutions as we do for men but in my opinion, doing so can cause further loss, make temporary loss become permanent, and creates a situation that can be much more expensive than many of the less invasive solutions. There are pro’s and con’s to each solution and we discuss this below.

  1. BONDING means shaving the head or the top of the head and gluing replacement hair to the area that has been shaved. This allows the wearer to have hair 24 hours a day that can hold up to activities such as swimming, showering, sleeping. For women, it can be expensive as many women want longer hair than men do and possibly longer hair than they could naturally grow. In addition, the hair that has been bonded also loses hair, so the ‘systems’ do not last. They must be removed and cleaned every 2-4 weeks, and replaced every 4-6 months. Bonding causes further hair loss. which for a man experiencing pattern balding is not a big issue because as of this time there is no reliable treatment for men with pattern baldness to retain hair. Men that are genetically programmed to lose hair will do so regardless of treatments applied or the effectiveness of treatments is limited. With women, it is possible that in the future the hair may grow back UNLESS the follicle has been damaged beyond repair, which bonding does. We prefer to use bonding in very limited circumstances in women and only with full disclosure. This hair replacement solution for women must be carefully evaluated, only the best hair should be used to give longevity to the system, and professional maintenance is recommended.

    Hair replacement solutions for women, bonded
    Bonded hair system
  2. TOP PIECES, often referred to as “toppers” have made great advances in recent years. Today we have very small pieces that clip to the top of the head as well as larger toppers to cover the entire top of the head. Toppers are available in synthetic or human hair and are also available in all price ranges. The cost of the topper goes up with longer hair as well as the quality of the hair used in them. Toppers should be removed nightly, and not attached too tightly as stress on hair follicles causes hair loss over time. This hair replacement solution is quite safe, can be maintained by the wearer, and a variety of hair quality can be used depending on the client’s budget.

    Hair replacement solutions for women, clip in
    example of clip on topper
  3. WIGS cover the entire head. They are made in a variety of materials, some very delicate and some very sturdy. Also available in human hair and synthetic at all price ranges. One must be very careful in purchasing wigs as there are no regulations applied to wig quality and manufacturers can and do lie about hair quality and workmanship.This hair replacement solution is the safest option, wigs can be maintained by the wearer or by a professional, and all qualities can be considered.

    Hair replacement solutions for women, Devotion wig
    inexpensive synthetic wig
  4. HAIR EXTENSIONS are also available to thicken and lengthen hair, but most methods also cause hair loss if they are not properly installed or maintained. At Chris for Hair, we have installed all methods of hair extensions over the years, and now only offer one method that utilizes micro-links and sewn-in wefts. These extensions do not twist, which is a major cause of hair loss from extensions. Tape-in extensions can be used in small areas such as the sides of the head, but they are problematic for full head installations. This hair replacement solution is risky, should only be installed by a QUALIFIED professional (except clip-ins) and the best hair available should be used to prevent tangling and further hair loss.
    Hair replacement solutions for women, tape in
    tape-in extensions

    If you are a woman losing hair, don’t panic! We have solutions for every circumstance, at every price level. It is always best to plan ahead, meaning start wearing alternative hair as early as possible to avoid dramatic changes in your appearance, get used to having extra hair in your daily routine, develop a relationship with a professional you trust so that if necessary you will have an advisor along the journey.