More on Corona

Greetings, this is my second post regarding how the Corona virus could affect us. Having been in this business for more that 40 years now, it has been my pleasure to transform my clients that need “extra” hair and also see how my services can change one’s self esteem.

Although I have been strongly against having clients pressured into contracts regarding their non-surgical hair restoration, I am finding now that I may need to be more flexible. NOT making clients sign contracts, but finding ways to help them afford their non-surgical restoration. This is my current goal.

I am sure most understand that I am not in this business to make myself rich, but to help others in a well informed, professional way. So, with this in mind, I welcome clients that may not have the money today, but we can work with whatever is comfortable for you.

To me, liking your appearance is vital to liking yourself, and when we like ourselves, that projects into the World. I think we all understand there are hard times coming, but if we can continue to communicate, all of us can get through this recent downturn.

Please feel free to contact me, let’s talk, and explore what might work for you. To me, this is a time for us to communicate, not to make as much $$ as we can. For those of you that already visit me, I will continue to give you the best service I can, for those of you that are frightened, please know that I am here to help. (925-245-0194) You may need to leave a message, robo calls and solicitors are overwhelming my phone, but do check frequently and will do all I can to return your call. Text messages are a bit easier for me (HATE TECH)

Wish everyone the best, hopefully all this will lead to a better society, we all just need to hang in now. C