Hair restoration

Hair restoration, what does the term mean? To me, it means restoring the hair you had, perhaps with diet, supplements, drugs, or even a transplant. Truthfully, most of these do not work, and the one that can work, (transplant) is only available to a small part of people who lose their hair, and there are significant reasons not to embark on this journey.

To many others, hair restoration may mean augmenting the natural hair with extensions, integrations, wigs, and topper. Now, THIS is my field! While I am not a believer in most of the accepted interpretations of hair restoration, I have investigated thoroughly, they may work for 1 in a million, but for the average person, once the hair is lost, the only choice is to find ways to camouflage that loss.

Luckily, today it can be accomplished, and it IS affordable and IS safe. Even though nothing I do has an effect on the amount of hair that grows from the head, I can make you look as if you never lost the hair, it will comfortable, you can engage in any activities you did before losing your hair, and you can afford the systems.

So, in that sense, I am a hair restoration specialist. With over thirty years in this business, forming relationships with some of the biggest names, I have learned that for most people, the drugs, diet, supplements, laser, shampoos, do not work, or work to a minimal degree and the only REAL solution is to replace the lost hair with prosthetic hair that acts like your own hair, looks like your own hair, and makes you feel like the outside of you is now the same as the inside picture you have of yourself.

This industry needs some honest providers that are not out to collect their money, but have a real need to help, and do not push products and regimes that do not work.

An excellent article about hair loss scams is posted here.

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