More “hair grow” scams

Today I received notice of a “like” for my blog post below:

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I first clicked on my supposed page link and found a blank page, then curiosity got the best of me and I researched cana 16 only to find a series of “articles” about a proven product for hair growth product called Follixin. Re:

4 days ago someone wrote several articles on WP about this product, the sites based in different areas of the World, mostly Great Britain. Much of the writing was very poor, basically made no sense, but all endorsed this proven product.

Once again this is predatory marketing. The product is a supplement, claiming to open hair follicles and strengthen the hair shaft. Of course, it takes at least three months to have “visible” results, so the company has offered a three for the price of two offer to help you get started. Companies like this one claim they have numerous studies proving the effectiveness of their product, and of course the testimonials of the customers. In fact, as I searched for Follixin scams I did come across some sites that back up the claims made by this company (scammers are very tricky) but the site says the site can’t be trusted.

The lesson here is to be sure to research, then research again to make educated, informed choices any time you are tempted to purchase any hair loss product online. As of today, there are still only 2 FDA approved drugs to treat hair loss, and those are not even guaranteed to work in every case, and are only effective for pattern baldness. They are:

Minoxidil (Rogaine). Minoxidil is an over-the-counter liquid or foam that you rub into your scalp twice a day to grow hair and to prevent further hair loss.

…Finasteride (Propecia). This prescription drug is available only to men.

There is a myriad of other causes for hair loss that are not genetic, but so far no shampoo, vitamin, cream, treatment or other product has been shown to be effective in treating hair loss. to be sure there are promising studies, but as of today, hair loss treatment is still a mystery. Buyer beware!

I continue to write these articles because I believe they expose the vulnerability of people that are experiencing this condition, and I want to try to work to make this industry more respectable. I believe what I do as a hair replacement specialist changes the lives of many people and I want them to know I am informed, understand what they, (we) are up against in terms of predatory marketing, and use good sense in recommending products that may help give them their self-esteem back.

To a lesser degree, even “therapeutic” offers such as laser therapy are questionable. Laser machines must be correctly calibrated, used often enough for a specific period of time to have any effect at all on the hair. While it can help slowing hair fall, it will not give you the luxurious hair you are looking for, it simply slows the process of miniaturization. They do not grow hair in bald areas.

My clients do not want that. They want the hair of their dreams, even hair they may not have been born with. No laser will give that to them and I am not about to start signing them up for laser when I know they will eventually be unhappy.

Having said that, I have to walk a line to be sure I can give safe solutions that will give them what they want, and at pricing they can afford…Not that easy.

However, I am lucky enough that there are others that believe as I do, and they seem to be willing to work with me…What a blessing!

In the works is a new human hair wig line for people with Alopecia that uses true European quality, or Mongolian (for LONG hair orders) hair, has silicone inside to keep it from sliding on a bald head, and retails for approximately 1/3 the price of a similar line. This line also has caps that do not have the silicone and can be worn by people that still have hair. Very Exciting! We currently have the model shown in stock, but the wig can be made in any color or length.

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