Trends in replacing hair for younger men

For the past ten years men experiencing hair loss have chosen to shave their head, creating a trend that many followed even though they still had a full head of hair. Those days are over. Today’s young man wants a more put together look that is shifting from thoughtfully tidy to thoughtfully casual. Most men agree that their look starts at their head. When a man looks into the mirror, he checks out his head first, then works his way down to his face, clothing, and eventually his shoes.  

If a man is sporting a bald head, the entire proportion is off. His head looks basically too small for his body. His eyes do not stand out, his head looks basically like a blob atop his shoulders. 

Today all that changes with the newest hair additions created specifically for younger men. These new hair additions look totally natural, feel as if the hair is growing out of the head, have no line of demarcation and blend perfectly with the existing hair. The best part, is that the young man has the choice of having a professional attach the addition as part of his regular hair cutting service, or attaching himself in the privacy of his home.  

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