Women's Solutions for thinning hair

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Women’s solutions for hair loss are numerous and complicated. This page describes how hair loss affects women and what we can do about it.

One of the most devastating challenges to a woman’s mental, emotional and physical well-being is the thinning or loss of her hair. In Western society, where personal appearance affects earning power, employment opportunities and even friend and love connections, when circumstances beyond a woman’s control result in hair loss, her confidence is destroyed,  discomfort in social and professional situations occurs, and a general distortion of self-image takes place.

Today, one in four women in the United States experiences hair loss and thinning. Millions of other women experience hair loss from medical conditions and medications.

When a woman likes the way she looks, she radiates confidence. Chris, offers experience, commitment, and artistry and will design a hair replacement system with you, and for you, that will give you an amazingly natural-looking result (and put the bounce back in your step!) She offers a range of women’s hair replacement solutions including Virtual Reality, (Virtuésse) Reallusions, Gemtress, Follea, Freedom, Milano brands, along with many others. No other service provider can offer you this many brands and options.

Take the first step to regain control of your appearance: Call Chris at 925 245 0194 to schedule your free first consultation. (Absolutely NO obligation!) Or, you can also contact us via our new consultation form below.

What can you expect?

  • Chris will offer you personalized,  hair loss solution based entirely on your unique needs. We offer both stock and custom solutions.You’ll receive all the up-to-date information you need to make an educated decision that’s right for you.Every conversation is confidential – always!Every visit takes place in a private room and is scheduled to allow complete privacy from the minute you arrive at my door. I will make this experience comfortable for you during your consultation and during every step of the process.The comprehensive hair loss consultation will cover your current health, your primary concerns and lifestyle expectations,  hair replacement needs (partial, total, temporary, permanent, etc., a personal hair analysis (color, density, texture), scalp examination (we realize chemotherapy can sometimes cause scalp sensitivities).Chris will take your facial features, height, weight, personality and your goals into consideration before making recommendations. She will also take exact measurements and perform fittings to assure comfortable wear. Styling, cut, highlights, lowlights, special occasion styling and even style changes are all performed in the same private setting. You don’t have to wear the same hairstyle for the life of your hair replacement system!All hair replacement systems are created from  the highest quality materials by highly skilled experts who take great pride in their workmanship.I will perform adjustments, alterations and maintenance on site.Chris will also show you how to properly care for the specific system chosen to keep it – and you – looking its best.When you leave after your final fitting, only your stylist (and your closest friends) will know  why you look so great!Chris takes great pride in providing the most believable and comfortable solutions for each client and knows that when the client feels good about how they look, she has provided a job well done.
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